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unity ray Marta Pociejewska James Chris Twaites
Your Energy Activation

My intention is to help you break free from the blocks that stand in the way of your Highest Potential. I believe that true healing comes primarily from the client when I direct energy directly from his Higher Self, supporting the energy of the Earth. This is how I hold the space with these energies and the client's Higher Self decides how best to use them. As clients are held in this high vibration "bubble", things that no longer resonate will begin to "surface" to be released. Just like pouring clean water into a dirty glass, the dirt will start to rise to the surface. When these trapped emotions and energies are felt and released, there is more room for the Higher Self to become more fully embodied.

How it looks like

+ Channeling
+ Regression sessions

unity ray Marta Pociejewska James Chris Twaites Tantra
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An idea for a Christmas Gift for You or somone pressious - Voucher for a session. About the price - contact with me - or WhatsApp +48501322542 



Małgorzata R.

I consider meeting Marta, talking and spending time together as a very important moment in my life. Marta's guidance made me feel safe, authentic and at ease. During the practice, I immediately contacted the unattended elements and noticed what else required my attention and care. The gentleness of her voice as she guided me helped me gently wrap myself in feeling what required a lot of courage from me to face and reveal what I had been subconsciously hiding. This was very important. I remembered what built me ​​and gave me strength, and what I had neglected. I also discovered new strengthening content that is with me every day and helps me return again and again to my source, to my "here and now". I really appreciate all aspects of our meeting, Marta herself, and I highly recommend practicing with her_/\_.

Energy Exchange

I do not have a fixed price structure. I ask people to give what they feel is appropriate for what they received, and what is in alignment with their financial situation. If you are in a position to give a larger amount, this money will be used to provide services to people who are less financially stable. If you are not able to make a financial energy exchange I am also open to trading services, or delayed payment options.  


Thank You 🙏

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