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What to Expect 

This activation may feel very blissful, or it may feel like heavy emotions and memories coming to the surface to be cleared from the body, or quite often, it may be a mixture of both blissful and clearing energies. The most important thing for clients is to breathe and allow themselves to fully feel everything that is coming up. By fully feeling and relaxing into the experience the body can more easily release trapped emotions, and receive the healing energies.  Activation is done by transferring the energy of your Higher Self through my Crown Chakra and then through my Heart Chakra. I am strengthening them with the energy of the Earth, which I also direct through my heart. I have the ability to see what is happening on the energetic level, and when I am guided to direct the energy to where it is most needed, I do so. I also receive messages that will be shared with you to help with the healing process. This can be done in person or remotely via video call. Energy activation is as powerful remotely as it is directly.


You may have noticed that with any powerful healing, strong unconscious resistance may also appear. This resistance can be very convincing and very clever. It can show up as projected anger, physical pain, tiredness, lack of motivation, forgetfulness and many more. Regardless of the symptom this resistance has one goal, to try and convince us that the healing work is not a good idea. However, once we can become conscious of the resistance we can then begin to use it as a navigation tool, by helping to confirm that we are going in the right direction. The tricky part is learning to identify the difference between resistance, versus your inner guidance.  With resistance there is often constriction or tension in the body, this can make you feel like you need to defend or attack through actions or words. The mind may become busy with thoughts and judgments. Ultimately, resistance is a sign that something within wants to be transformed and released. When our inner guidance (soul) communicates with us it is like a loving "no" that we may feel in the stomach or heart space, and there is often a feeling of calmness associated with it. This part of us is tuned into the bigger perspective and is always taking us in the best possible direction.

Qi Gong  and Tai Chi 


For about 30 years I have been fascinated by a holistic view of our body as a system of interconnected and interdependent elements. After practising QiGong and Tai Chi for over 12 years, I was inspired to create 6 yers agoa system that combines QiGong, Tai Chi, Taoist Yoga and meditation techniques. This system is called Qi Balance. Benefits:

- deepening the awareness of the body, mind, emotions, energy,

- release unnecessary tension from the body deep muscle strengthening,

- learning the correct body structure while sitting, standing and walking,

- relaxation, relaxation of body and mind,

- strengthening brain function (activation of 2 hemispheres),

- improvement of the immune system,

- connection with the energy of the Earth and Heaven (feeling, understanding them and harmonizing the flow through our body)

For more info please visit I also help equestrians through Tai Chi for Equestrians and collaborate on projects: www.taohorsearchery,

I do belive that body is a gate to deep understanding our emotional and subconcious system. Conscious contact with it gives an accsses to intuition and allows us to understand the unique path of every soul.

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