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Marta Pociejewska Unity Ray

Marta Pociejewska

I was born in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, where from my early childhood I have had a strong fascination and connection with the Far East philosophies, religions and martial arts. Between the ages of 10 and 14 I was a member of Hare Krishna, then I chose to seek my own path, which I am exploring to this day. I have always felt a deep energetic connection with nature, inpiticular, with trees and animals. A big part of my life has also been dedicated to working with horses, including my own mare who is now 21 years old. 

For the past 20 years, I have been passionately exploring holistic methods of working with the body, mind and breath simultaneously. This exploration has led me to my main profession as a Tai Chi and QiGong teacher. The combination of these three elements has been a powerful tool in my healing journey and has greatly increased my sensitivity and ability to work with energy. 

Another very important tool in my healing journey is working with Paweł Bryła's Emotional Practice. This practice allowed me to have greater access and understanding of the emotional energy in my body and helped me open up to an even deeper understanding of love for myself. In addition, it gave access to the subconscious and tools for a permanent change of character, including the way of reaction. She taught full acceptance for every emotion/feeling and surrendering to their flows in full trust and a sense of security. Thanks to this, I learned the process of alchemy, the transformation of the lower vibrations contained in them into higher ones.

After completing a zoo physiotherapy course, my first steps in working with energy was dedicated to supporting animal health. Then I completed the level 3 Reiki course, after a few years of deepening this practice, I supplemented it with Tantric teachings and Taoist Yoga. 

Since meeting - at the begganing of 2023 - James Christopher Thwaites -  after our energetic activation and past life healing work together, my energy abilities, intuition, and visions have increased dramatically. 🙏☯

I am not enlightened master, nore do I pretend to be. Just like most people, I am on this healing journey as well, and I am still working through my shadow parts. I strive to be as authentic as possible and lead through example, but not through an image of false perfection.

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